Residential Real Estate is currently estimated to be a 33.3 trillion dollar market, and is the largest contributor to the United States GDP.  The opportunities that exist are virtually limitless. With such incredible opportunities available there is no one right way to invest in real estate. Realizing this fact we at Kin Homes focus on your investment strategy and provide a variety of options designed to maximize your capital return while providing you the best representation available. If you are serious about maximizing your return on investment, you owe it to yourself to contact us. You can complete the form below and our broker will contact you directly, or give us a call. We're available 7 days a week, 480.881.0266.

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If you need us, give us a call. We answer the phone whenever we are available to do so seven days a week and promptly return messages. After all, you're family. 

1031 Exchanges

Legally avoid capital gains tax when selling an investment property by reinvesting in another property. We're 1031 experts, and will help you meet all IRS requirements.

Property Flipping

We know every dollar counts, and offer a haircut on commissions relating to the purchase and sale of a subject.  While you work, our pre-list marketing insures buyers are standing by.

Leasing Solutions

Property Management and Leasing... Tenant screening, leasing contracts, property disclosure is only the beginning; and we handle it all. All you have to do is cash a monthly check. 

Group Homes

A unique investment opportunity... A group home offers an investor: a real estate investment opportunity: and a business; all while giving back to the community by offering assisted living. 

Volume Representation

If you buy and sell a high volume of real estate we offer an agency retainer solution. In effect, you pay zero listing fees and are credited back all buyer agency commissions. 


Licensed in both Arizona and California, we offer investors representation across State lines. So those of you looking for a Southern California home, it's our home field.